Routas Rose Competition

Congratulations to Marlene Smith, the winner of our fabulous trip to Chateau Routas, announced live on the Château Routas Instagram feed earlier in the month.

Routas Rose is still available at the discount price of £9.50 and is going fast …

About the competition

2020 has been a challenging year, so the Cockburns and Château Routas teams wanted to offer you the chance to look forward to something really special in 2021. The winner of our Routas Rosé trip of a lifetime will stay at the spacious Château Routas villa in Provence for 5 days with 5 friends. They’ll enjoy 24 free bottles of Chateau Routas Rosé, as well as wine tastings and a vineyard tour with the vineyard’s award-winning winemaker. The prize value is in excess of €15,000.

The rosé pink villa at Château Routas.

Joe Fattorini’s review on The Wine Show: “Britain’s best value Provençal rosé”

Back in May, Joe Fattorini’s great YouTube series The Wine Show featured the Routas Rosé.

“I’m going to pin my colours on that mast: I think this is Britain’s best value Provençal rosé. Aromatic, fresh, juicy, peachy … there’s an intensity to this strawberry, peachy fruit.”

Joe’s review caused us to sell out of the Routas Rosé in a few days, but don’t worry, because restocked at the start of July with over 500 cases; now that transport is moving more freely again, we can guarantee a continuous supply once those 6384 bottles are on the way to your fridge.

More about Château Routas

In 2005, Sir David Murray, Keith Murray and family took ownership of the château and the 716 acre estate. The sustainably-farmed vineyard is nestled between the old town elegance of Aix-en-Provence and the white sand beaches that line the Gulf de Saint-Tropez.

Pastel pink rosé against bright, turquoise waters set the scene, as the area is known for its stand-out rosé wines and dramatic seaside. An altitude of 350 meters (among Provence’s highest) provides cooler nights contributing to the crisp, refreshing Provence rosé style.

Diverse soil variation drives grape complexity as well as visual aesthetics. Some vineyard plots are red as crushed brick, while others are of crumbly grey limestone mixed with bright red stones that bleach in the hot summer sun. All of this is surrounded by an array of red poppies, sunflowers, wild thyme and lavender against a backdrop of majestic mountains and forests brimming with Aleppo pines.

The Routas villa dates from the 18th century and the Murray family had it beautifully restored by Provençal architectural stars Bruno and Alexandre Lafourcade.

Picture yourself poolside with a glass of Chateau Routas rosé in hand, encompassed by the sprawling, verdant lawns and stately manor. Take in a movie on the full-wall screen home cinema, complete with reclining seats fitted with drink holders. Enjoy the local bounties al fresco on the many shaded terraces. Meals are expertly crafted by resident born and bred Provençal cook, Monique. Walk the grounds and you may stumble upon morels, black truffles, or other delicacies. Simply relax near the warmth of the fireplace, surrounded by decor and furnishings that are opulent and cozy at the same time.

Chateau Routas is located within reach of Provence and the French Riviera so there are many local attractions to take advantage of and charming, ancient towns to explore. Bikes are provided for easy access to town or
on the private woodland pathways – should you choose to leave. The height of French gastronomy is mere miles away. Sample an Alain Ducasse meal at the Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle or experience the famed truffle dishes at Chez Bruno.

Château Routas managing partner, Keith Murray, spoke about the contest: “Independence is one of the core foundations of our lives. Although this may have seemed distant over these past few months, we are now all gradually beginning to think of the possibilities for discovery and adventure once more. With this in mind, we would love to share Chateau Routas with you and enjoy all that Provence and our beautiful wines have to offer. This competition hopefully reminds us of brighter days ahead, shared between friends and family. Santé!”

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