Marquis De Goulaine Sauvignon Blanc


Absolutely classic, shows some fresh gooseberry and a hint of riper tropical fruit. There is a subtle herbal note on the finish, which is classic Sauvignon, and the acidity gives it a fresh lift at the end. Sancerre’s cheaper cousin, but with the same sophistication, definitely a real contender.


Food Pairing: Seafood  · Shellfish · White Meat · Aperitif

Marquis de Goulaine winery is quite remarkable: it is accepted as the oldest continuous wine producer in the world, making wine since around 1000AD.
It is believed to be the third oldest registered company in the world! The Goulaine family were first mentioned in the seventh Crusade (1248) and today over 30 generations later the noble Goulaine’s are alive and well and still own the beautiful Chateau de Goulaine as their ancestral home. The Marquis himself is a figure reminiscent of the Scottish enlightenment;
very keen on the arts and botany, in fact the family once ran a butterfly farm on their estate. The Marquis can trace his family directly back to Mary Queen of Scots, so the Auld Alliance is alive and well!






Dry, easy drinking, flinty, Fresh, Herbaceous, Tropical


Sauvignon Blanc



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