Loma Negra Merlot


Deep cherry red with violet tones, this wine on the nose presents high intensity notes of red fruits such as cherry and plums supplemented with cinnamon, vanilla and hazelnuts. In the mouth the entrance is soft, of medium volume, body balanced between tannins and acidity.  It’s fresh, fruity and persistent.

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Luis Felipe Edwards is a family owned and operated winery, with two generations actively involved in maintaining the brand as a synonym for quality and traditional family values.

The facilities are located in the heart of the Colchagua Valley, where they combine traditional processes with state-of-the-art technology, allowing them maximum control and quality guarantee.

Loma Negra wines are characterised by their unique origin and inspiration. The captivating contrast between the mountain ranges of Chile and the sky illuminated on full moon nights that falls on the peaks, forms perfect silhouettes on the horizon, which give rise to the name of “Loma Negra”.




Valle Central




Cherries, Fresh, Fruity, light spice, Medium Bodied, Nutty, plummy, Soft Tannins



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