Summer Perfection!

Shakespeare knew that ‘summer’s lease hath all too short a date’. The key therefore is to be prepared if the clouds do part and the haar stays at bay long enough to light the barbeque. Part of that preparation should be a few seasonal wines in the rack ready to chill when needed. But what makes a ‘summer wine’?

We’ve put together a perfect selection that means you are sorted for summer: now all we need is sun!

The easy place to start is whites. As the mercury rises, the body of the wines we tend to enjoy becomes lighter. Acidity is a common feature of summer whites, making them as quenching as a citron pressé. If accompanying food, they lend themselves to lighter summer dishes and especially seafood. 

Nothing says summer quite like a glass of Rosé. The chilled serving temperature should ensure the refreshment value. The key to Rosé is it is the wine you drink instead of water to keep you cool! So we reckon the best summer rosés are those light enough to enjoy on their own but which might also provide enough interest to match with something meatier off the grill if required.

Reds are slightly trickier: generally, you don’t want anything too ‘tiring’. That means less tannin and – to an extent – lighter bodied wines, possibly with a higher acidity. The likely reason you are choosing red is to accompany meat, hopefully off the barbeque! Such al fresco dining probably won’t need your finest stemware. So simple, pleasing and fruity wines are the order of the day. You might even consider having these reds chilled. We’d recommend at least a good half hour in the fridge prior to serving.  

You don’t need to invest in a hot tub or jacuzzi to spoil yourself with bubbles! Our friends at Villa Sandi are among the best of Italy’s Prosecco producers. And if you can’t decide between Poolside Pink and Sun and Sandi, why not go for Rosé Prosecco?

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