"A glass of wine is a glorious creature, and it reconciles poor humanity to itself; and that is what few things can do"

Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832)
Christmas is upon us, and here at Cockburns of Leith we are doing things a little differently this year.
From our extensive collection of sparkling, wines, ports and pudding wines, we have put together 4 discounted promotions saving you up to 21% and taking care of your Christmas parties, lunches and dinners. We have had a lot of fun choosing them, and I hope you will have a lot of fun journeying throughout the wine world

Happy Christmas!

Charlie Shentall
(Private Client Sales)

We also want to tell you about our biennial Gleneagles Wine Tasting on 5th March 2018.

An amazing tasting, with over 250 wines and a real opportunity to meet many of the actual winemakers, you can check out further details when you scroll down.

Click on one of the boxes below and have a look at what we have put together for you.

Order 3 cases of any of Case 1, Case 2 Case 3 and receive a further 10% off

Drinks Party / Shoot Lunch Case 1 - Save 21%

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Dinner Party/Christmas Lunch Case 2 - Save 16%

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The Connoisseur Case 3 - Save 15%

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Cockburns of Leith Claret - Save 12%

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Cockburns of Leith Gleneagles Wine Tasting 2018

Every two years Cockburns of Leith has a private tasting for its Clients held at Gleneagles, an opportunity to try over 250 wines and meet the winemakers themselves. A truly exceptional experience with limited number of free tickets available

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Even Legends retire....

Tom Gilbey, I have known for 30 years or more, when he used to come to my parents hotel in Perthshire to discuss opportunities on their 300 bin winelist.

A quietly confident man, whose laid back air belies the amazing depth of knowledge he possesses about wine, the ‘drinks’ industry and fair to say life itself! His engaging and warm manner coupled with a soft salesman’s intent is a dangerous combination and highly effective.

He has visited and worked in many of the world’s wine producing regions and has a particular interest in Bordeaux where his family once owned Chateau Loudenne in the Medoc, and he has been the cornerstone of Cockburns of Leith.

His retirement, for  him, will be a well earned rest, but we will all miss his engaging nature and strength of character, and I know clients and staff alike will offer our deepest thanks and gratitude, and best wishes for the future.

Charlie Shentall – Private Client Sales

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